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2018 Summer Reading

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Summer Reading is coming soon to the San Rafael Public Library!

Join us for our annual Summer Reading Challenge to earn rewards for reading and completing fun activities. Track your reading using our new and improved online platform (complete with a mobile app), or on paper. We also have a line-up of events for all ages, featuring old favorites and some new surprises!

You can sign-up for the Summer Reading Challenge starting June 1 at either the Downtown Library or Pickleweed Library, or sign-up online or log-in to your account!


As you track your reading this summer, take on reading challenges, and attend library events you will earn points for summer reading. For every 5 points you earn, you get a prize! Reach 20 points to finish summer reading. Here are just some of the great prizes in store for all our summer readers.

Want to keep reading? Keep earning points to be entered into our SILVER and GOLD raffles.

SILVER RAFFLE (25 points)
Pre-K: Oakland Zoo Tickets
Kids & Teens:  Giants Tickets, Ukulele, Board Games, Copperfield’s Books Gift Card, Movie Tickets
Adults: Winners will receive a San Rafael Public Library travel mug, and select from a variety of prizes and gift certificates generously donated by the following sponsors: Aroma Café, Fenix, Gathering Thyme, Iron Springs Pub & Brewery, Outgrown, Pleasures of the Heart, Red Devil Records, Salon B, San Rafael Joe’s, Scotty’s Market, The Shop, Trader Joes, Tenkyu, Whipper Snapper, and Yet Wah.

GOLD RAFFLE (30 points)
Pre-K: Bubble machine 
Kids & Teens: Nintendo Switch with Mario Odyssey
Adults: Winners will receive a San Rafael Public Library travel mug, and select from gift cards to Il Davide, and The Mayflower, an hour-long design consultation from Avant Garde, or a beautiful Oaxacan statue from the Folk Art Gallery.

Badges, Badges, Badges!

As soon as you log in to our Summer Reading website and start tracking your hours reading, challenges, and activities, you’ll see a lot of different badges. “Program Badges,” Point Badges,” “Activity Badges,” and “Earned Badges.” That’s a lot of badges! And what’s a badge anyway? Here’s a little explanation of each one to help you sort them out.

Program Badges
There are two “Program Badges” for Summer Reading 2018. You get one badge for signing up, and one badge for completing the program. To complete the program you will need to earn 20 points towards summer reading by logging your reading, or completing challenges and activities.

Point Badges
Our online logging system for Summer Reading awards “Program Badges” to you whenever you earn a certain number of points. The badge is to let you know that you have earned enough points to receive a prize and can come to the library to pick it up. You can earn points by logging each day you read, and by completing reading and activity challenges.

Activity Badges
“Activity Badges” are the challenges that we’ve created to help you discover new things at the library and read outside of your box. Activity badges include challenges such as “Read a Classic,” “Attend a Library Program,” and “Read a Book In Translation.” Every one of these you complete earns you one point towards Summer Reading.

Earned Badges
As the summer goes along you can check out the “Earned Badges” to see how much you have already done, and help decide what you want to do next. Plus if you see that you’ve earned a “Point Badge” you’ll know that you need to come in to the library to pick up your prize!


Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who helped to make Summer Reading 2018 possible, especially the Friends of the San Rafael Public Library.


Our Sponsors:

This program is sponsored by The Friends of the San Rafael Public Library, Avant Garde, Century Theatres Corte Madera, Children’s Fairyland, Chipotle, Copperfield’s Books, Double Rainbow Cafe, Fenix, The Folk Art Gallery, Gamescape North, Gathering Thyme, Il Davide, Iron Springs Pub & Brewery, The Magic Flute, Marelli Bros, The Mayflower, McInnis Miniature Golf, National Park Service, Oakland Zoo, Outgrown, Pleasures of the Heart, Red Devil Records, Salon B, San Francisco Giants, San Rafael Joe’s, The San Rafael Pacifics, Scotty’s Market, The Shop, Tenkyu, Trader Joes, Whipper Snapper, and Yet Wah.

We couldn’t do it without you!


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