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Starlings are Here

Posted by jill on

Thanks to a grant from the California State Library, we now have Starling wearable devices available for check out from both the Downtown and Pickleweed Libraries. Borrow a Starling for up to nine weeks and receive two picture books for your family to keep!

What the heck is a Starling you ask? Think of it as a pedometer for early literacy. The Starling clips to a young child’s clothing and counts the number of words they hear throughout the day. It calibrates to the environments the child is most frequently in and accurately counts the number of words in any language the child hears during interactions with parents and caregivers. The┬ádevice syncs with an app on your phone or tablet and displays a daily word count along with tips and strategies to increase interaction with your child. After a few days, the app will also give you a daily word goal.

We are excited to provide technology that gives parents and caregivers more information to support both the quality and quantity of interactive time with their children. Stop by the Downtown Library Children’s Room or the Pickleweed Library to find out more and to check out a Starling.

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