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Don’t leave after storytime, Stay and Play!

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15275638_217868731983484_3371881551670280192_nSing, talk, read, write, PLAY! Did you know that playing is not only fun, it’s also one of the fundamental ways to prepare your child to be a reader? It’s true! Playing helps children develop language skills, and gives them opportunities to put their thoughts into words. Additionally, when children pretend, they exercise symbolic thinking–a block isn’t just a block, it can be a phone, a car or a house! Reading requires this same kind of symbolic thinking. Letters come together to create words, which represent real things and ideas. Pretty abstract stuff, but children who’ve logged lots of hours of playtime will be well equipped to take on this challenge. In short, play now to read later!

Now after every Baby Time and Family Storytime, we are offering 30 minutes of Stay and Play! The Friends of the San Rafael Public Library generously provided us with funds to purchase a variety of wonderful toys. We’re talking blocks, balls, musical instruments, toys that engage the senses, and toys for imaginative and dramatic play– all the good stuff! Children and their caregivers can stick around, socialize and play!

Storytimes and Stay and Play:

Baby Time from 10:30-11
Stay and Play from 11-11:30

Family Storytime from 10:30-11
Stay and Play from 11-11:30

Family Storytime from 10:30-11
Stay and Play from 11-11:30


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