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Stream movies, music, and more for free with your library card

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The San Rafael Public Library gives cardholders access to Hoopla! You can log into Hoopla with your San Rafael Public Library Card and get access to thousands of streaming movies, television shows, music, and audiobooks! No holds, no waiting!

Paying for Netflix, Spotify, or Audible? Check this service out because it could provide you with what you need–courtesy of your local public library! Just make sure you have a library card! Don’t have one? Sign up online and we’ll mail you your card.

You can also moves seamlessly between different devices – you can listen to or watch something at home and then pick it up later on your smartphone. You can also broadcast Hoopla’s content to Chromecast and Apple TV.

The collection in Hoopla changes from time to time, but here’s a sampling of what’s available to give you a taste of the awesomeness:

  • Disney movies
  • Substantial collections from BBC and PBS
  • Ken Burns specials
  • Comics from Dark Horse, Vertigo, Marvel, and more
  • 2016 award-winning albums
  • Digital box sets of music

If you have any questions about using Hoopla, just pop us a chat (using the little chat widget in the lower right of your screen) or email us at

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Help! My News is Fake! (we have you covered)

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Evaluating our information sources and being more conscious of where we get our news is a topic on many people’s minds these days. Regardless of one’s political leanings, we all want to know that the news we get is accurate, well-researched, and as unbiased as possible. The San Rafael Public Library’s youth services staff has created a guide for parents and caregivers to teach children and teens about information literacy, internet safety, and how to spot fake news. We have a feeling adults will find it useful as well!

Check it out here:

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Apply to be on the Special Library Parcel Tax Committee

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The City Council is seeking applications to fill five positions on the newly created Measure D Special Library Parcel Tax Committee. This Committee will meet at least twice annually and will act as an independent citizens’ oversight committee to ensure the Library spends the funds from the parcel tax in a manner consistent with the language of the ballot measure approving the tax. Applications are now available online at and at the City Clerk’s office.
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