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21-Day Race and Equity Challenge

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Educate yourself about race and equity. Challenge yourself to read, watch, or listen to one thing about race and equity topics every day for 21 days. For three weeks we will post daily suggested articles, podcasts, videos, and actions you can take to educate yourself and be antiracist. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to participate, and download this handy log to track your learning.

This 21-day challenge is a tie-in to “Book to Action,” a community-wide program from the California Center for the Book to Read/Discuss/Act during the months of March-June. The programming is centered around the Book The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett.  We will be hosting two book discussions and a number of online programs around the issues this book brings up: race identity, transgender identity, colorism, passing, among others.


READ: This is the Conversation We Need to Have About Race Now By Bryan Stevenson
GO DEEPER: Listen to episode one of the NYT podcast 1619 The Fight for a True Democracy

READ: Safety Tips for Those Witnessing or Experiencing Hate from Stop AAPI Hate
GO DEEPER: Add to Cart episode 18 – Asian Hate and Gaslighting in Georgia

WATCH: Cracking the Codes by Joy DeGruy
GO DEEPER: Read Learn and Practice the Tasks of the Privileged by Dr. Ken Hardy

READ: Letter to My Nephew by James Baldwin
GO DEEPER: Listen to Throughline podcast episode James Baldwin’s Fire

READ: Your Five Year Old is Already Racially Biased by Andrew Grant-Thomas
GO DEEPER: Register for an upcoming webinar from EmbraceRace

READ: Black Joy Instagram post by Afro Puff Chronicles x Impact
GO DEEPER: Read one article from the Afro Puff Chronicles stories page

WATCH: The Model Minority Myth Hurts Asian Americans Seeking Health Care
GO DEEPER: Watch episode one of Tam Union High School District’s Speak Your Mind, Student Voices series

LISTEN: All Eyes Should Be On Marin from KQED
GO DEEPER: Watch episode one of America By the Numbers: Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town on Kanopy

REGISTER: Register for and attend our Little White Lie film screening and panel discussion.
GO DEEPER: Listen to As Black As We Wish to Be, an episode of State of the Re:Union from WNYC

DAY 10
LISTEN: A Black Mother Reflects On Giving Her 3 Sons ‘The Talk’ … Again And Again
GO DEEPER: Ted Talk by Clint Smith: How to Raise a Black Son in America

DAY 11
READ: Instagram post by @darkest.hue: Toni Morrison on colorism and featurism
GO DEEPER: Watch: Toni Morrison Takes White Supremacy to Task

DAY 12
WATCH: Greenwood and the Tulsa Race Riots from the PBS series BOSS
GO DEEPER: Watch: Read about the Rosewood Massacre on Black Past

DAY 13
WATCH: The Urgency of Intersectionality by Kimberlé Crenshaw
GO DEEPER: Read: I’m a Queer Man of Color. Here’s How Intersectionality Impacts Me By Roberto Valdes

DAY 14
EXPLORE: Arts+ Bayside MLK, Jr. Foundation – History of Marin City website
GO DEEPER: Listen: Two Schools in Marin County, an episode of The United States of Anxiety podcast.

DAY 15
READ: Stolen Land, Stolen Bodies, and Stolen Stories by Crystal EchoHawk
GO DEEPER: Explore: Coast Miwok Land Acknowledgement Project

DAY 16
WATCH: Colorism in the Latinx Community ft. Lee Chin – MTV’s Decoded
GO DEEPER: Read Why Understanding Colorism in the Latino Community is So Important by Giselle Castro

DAY 17
READ: From Raising Anti-Racist Kids to Being an Anti-Racist Family By Courtney E. Martin
GO DEEPER: Listen: episode one of Nice White Parents – The Book of Statuses

DAY 18
WATCH: The History Of White People In America, Episode One: How America Invented Race
GO DEEPER: Watch: Deconstructing White Privilege with Dr. Robin DiAngelo

DAY 19
WATCH: Eric Ward on the Antisemitism at the Heart of White Nationalism
GO DEEPER: Read: Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism by Eric Ward

DAY 20
WATCH: The Muslims You Cannot See – TedTalk by Sahar Habib Ghazi
GO DEEPER: Listen to “We Already Belong”: A Conversation With R.O. Kwon from the Rough Translation podcast

DAY 21
WATCH: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ full opening statement on reparations at House hearing
GO DEEPER: Read: KQED’s The East Bay ‘Land Tax’ That Supports an Indigenous Women-Led Trust

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