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Media literacy tools help us fact check news we get from friends and family, and from outside sources. As the election approaches during a pandemic, and we are impacted by wildfires; disinformation and misinformation are being disseminated by those who want to mislead us. Needed social distancing makes us isolated and most of us use social media as our primary news and information source.

Check out these media literacy tools, tips and reminders to help make sure you can trust the information you receive.

Website, Articles & More

News Literacy Project Flipboard

Links to articles about misinformation related to the upcoming presidential election, including examples and tips on how to avoid falsehoods and voter suppression disinformation tactics.

PEN America’s Guide on COVID-19 and Disinformation

Whether out of malice or genuine alarm, false stories are continuing to circulate. Here are a few steps you can take to evaluate news stories that are blowing up your feed or finding their way into your DMs.

News Lit Quiz: Should you share it?

The best way for you to help reduce misinformation online is to avoid sharing it. But can you tell the difference between social media posts that are false or misleading and those that are credible?

How to talk to friends and family who share misinformation: An election tip sheet

Tips from Pen America on what to do when friends and family say things you know to be untrue.

Guide for Combating Protest Disinformation – Tip Sheet

Amid mass demonstrations against police violence, misinformation and disinformation about the protests are spreading fast online. PEN America offers three simple tips to minimize the spread of misleading information.

Fact Check What You’re Reading with Annenberg’s

Reporters Lab

Use Duke University’s Reporters Lab to Fact Check the latest news.

Reverse Image Search

Before you share an image you’ve found on social media, it’s a good idea to first learn more about it in case it’s not what it seems. AFP teaches you to do a reverse image search.

AP Fact Check

Find fact checking on the latest news stories from AP journalists around the globe.

Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center

Follow the spread of dangerous coronavirus misinformation with NewsGuard’s new Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center.

Video Playlist


Use these simple visual guides from On The Media to dissect breaking news, and sniff out fake news.

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