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Surviving Staying at Home for Kids!

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Hey Kiddos!  

Is staying at home getting booorrrriiiinnnnggg? Are your adults telling you to get off the computer or tablet??  Here are some ideas of how you can find things to do even if you are stuck at home.  While some of these offerings are digital, try to mix it up!   

Get Moving to change your blahs into some serious bounce!  Turn on your favorite music, and dance!  Get your adults in on the action too.  Have a family dance party! Or head out for a walk around the neighborhood, an open park, or trail.  A little sunshine will turn your blues into blue skies! Go non-digital: get into play from the old days!  Ask an adult about games they played as kids, like Simon Says, jump rope, or hopscotch. 

Find Some Calm  Insight Timer has meditations and meditation music just for kids.  Still can’t quiet that monkey mind?  Practice taking slow deep breathes in and out—but don’t hold your breath.  Do a few rounds and see how much better you feel! 

Sing!  After moving and meditating, singing is another one of those things that has so many benefits—like upping your mood! And guess what? All that breathing practice from Find Some Calm is going to pay off as you hold those notes.  People were singing way before karaoke, and you can too!  Extra points for learning a song from the adult in your house from when they were a kid!  Singing together with your family is highly encouraged! 

Go to the Zoo:  The San Diego Zoothe Georgia Aquarium and the Monterey Bay Aquarium are offering live webcam viewings of pandas, penguins and beluga whales. 

Think Creatively:  The Bay Area Discovery Museum is coming to you.  It’s fun! It’s open-ended!  Awaken your inner engineer/scientist/artist! Tap into your creativity! 

Make Some Art! Even if you aren’t stocked up on art supplies, art is all around you waiting to happen.  Look around, and make sculptures with anything you see: dirty socks, stuffed animals, discarded packaging, rubber bands, junk mail! There’s no wrong way to do this—but please, tell your adult first, so you don’t take something that they need!
Check out:

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Make Use of your Digital Library:  Go to our Kids’ page to see our e-resources including E-Books and Audio, digital storytimes, a vetted list of librarian approved games, and more!

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