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Virtual Reality Saturdays @ Northgate

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Virtual Reality is back at Northgate on Saturdays from 12-5pm! Space is limited and sign-ups are first come, first serve.

Thank you to our partners at XRLibraries for providing us with new Oculus Quest 2 headsets, available in English and Spanish. Try a variety of XR (extended reality) experiences. These VR headsets simulate being physically present in the virtual environment—it’s a very cool experience!



Is there a minimum age requirement to use the VR headsets?
Yes. We require patrons to be at least 13 years old to use the VR headsets, based on product safety guidance.

Can I make an appointment ahead of time?
No. We are offering VR on a first come, first serve basis. Pop into the Northgate branch on Saturdays between 12-5 to see if you can grab a slot. There are lots of cool books, DVDs, and even video games to browse while you wait your turn!

Are the headsets sanitized between use?
Yes. We sanitize the headsets after each use using UV technology.

Is there someone available to teach me how to operate the headsets?
Yes! We welcome first-time users. Our awesome Webstars are available to get you set-up and comfortable using the equipment.

What can I do when using a headset?
Walk through a simulation of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, play a rhythm-based game, tour a National Park — stop by the Northgate branch to see a full list!

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Chromebooks for Check-Out

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Chromebooks for check-out. In-library use only.

Chromebooks are now available for check-out at all 3 San Rafael Public Library locations: Downtown, Northgate and Pickleweed! To check out a Chromebook, ask a staff member at the service desk. Library card and photo identification required; patrons must be 13+ to check-out a Chromebook.

Chromebooks are available for in-library use only and must be returned before the end of the day. Printing is not available.


Do I need a Google account to use a Chromebook?
A Google account is not required to browse the internet; simply browse as a guest. However, you must have a Google account to use Microsoft compatible applications such as Google Docs for word processing, or Google Slides for presentations. Our desktop public computers are equipped with the Microsoft suite of products.

Will the Chromebook save my account information?
Not if you browse as a guest! Choose “Browse as guest” at the start-up screen even if you have a Google account (you can then log-in to your Google account through the browser). When you end your session, your browsing data will be wiped. If you do choose to log-in using your personal account, practice good digital hygiene by selecting “remove account” from the device after you log-out.

Can it read a flash drive?
Yes! Each Chromebook has one USB port that can be used to read a flash drive.

Does it have a headphone jack?
Yes! You can plug in any standard headphones. Please be considerate to other patrons when listening to audio.

Does it have a CD/DVD drive?
No, our Chromebooks do not have the ability to play back CDs or DVDs.

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Video Games at SRPL!

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Video Games @ Northgate

Northgate’s video game collection is now available for checkout!

We have games available for Nintendo SwitchXbox One, and PS4 & PS5. Games check out for 3 weeks at a time with no renewals. As a part of Northgate’s collection, they are not holdable. Come visit us Wednesdays-Saturdays from 11-5 to pick up a game and have some fun!

Games by console

All games


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