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Group Visit Guidelines

What are the guidelines for children’s group and class visits to the San Rafael Public Libraries?

A group visit is an excellent opportunity to learn about the library. Visits may include an introductory tour of the library’s materials and services, instruction on finding books and information, storytime, and/or book talks.

How do I arrange a group visit?

We love hosting groups in our libraries and want to ensure your visit is successful. In order to make your visit a quality experience we ask that you follow these guidelines: groups of 5 or more must book a visit at least 1 week in advance with library staff. Availability is based on our existing calendar of events, open hours, and staff availability. We do our best to schedule groups as soon as possible, but can’t guarantee we have a certain date available. To schedule a visit, call 415-485-3323 (Downtown), 415-485-3483 (Pickleweed), or email (any location) to schedule a visit.

How do I get library cards for my group?

If your group is from one of the San Rafael City Schools, most if not all of your students already have library cards! We automatically issue all SRCS students public library cards. If you have any new students, we can easily make cards for them on the day of your visit.

For other groups, please have parents/guardians fill out our online form with the child’s information ahead of your visit. It is very helpful and preferable to receive a class list at least 1 week prior to your visit so we can process the physical cards ahead of time and have them ready to hand out the day of your visit, but this isn’t required.

For teachers or other group leaders who wish to checkout all items for your group on one card (for classroom or other use) we highly recommend applying for an Institutional Library Card.

Can I bring my group to regular storytimes or library programs?

Groups of 5 or fewer may come to our regularly scheduled storytimes and library programs. If you’d like to bring a group of 5 or more children to a regularly scheduled storytime or library program, please call 415-485-3323 (Downtown), 415-485-3483 (Pickleweed), or email (any location) to arrange a special storytime or program for your group. Groups must be accompanied by an adequate number of responsible adults.

How many times may a group visit the library?

We would like to accommodate as many schools, daycares, and other organizations as possible. Will will do our best to accommodate as many visits as requested. In order to serve as many groups in our community as possible, we do prioritize groups within the City of San Rafael.

All of that said, ultimately we want to get your group in the library! So even if you’re not able to follow all of these preferences, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make a visit work. See you at the library!

  • Downtown Library

    Sun: closed
    Mon, Tues, Weds: 10-4
    Thurs: 12-6
    Fri & Sat: 10-4

    (415) 485-3323

    1100 E Street (at 5th Avenue)
    San Rafael, CA 94901

  • Pickleweed Library

    Sat, Sun & Mon: Closed
    Tues: 10-4
    Weds & Thurs: 12-6
    Fri: 10-4

    (415) 485-3483

    50 Canal Street
    San Rafael, CA 94901

  • Northgate Library

    Sun, Mon, Tues, Weds: Closed
    Thurs, Fri, Sat: 12-4

    (415) 524-2694

    5800 Northgate Drive
    San Rafael, CA 94903

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