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Lost and Damaged Items Policy

Lost Items – When library items become three weeks overdue, a billing notice is sent stating the replacement and processing fees. These fees must be paid if the item has been lost. If the Library item is returned, late fees are charged and the replacement and processing fees are waived.

The Library is UNABLE to accept replacement items in exchange for lost materials or refund the replacement fee should you locate the material more than three months after the item was billed. We do not issue refunds for audiovisual materials after billing.

Damaged Items – You are responsible for returning library materials in the same condition that they were checked out to you. The Library charges to replace missing parts or to repair or replace damaged library items.

Water, food, and dirt can cause mold growth in books. Extreme heat or direct sunlight may harm audio-visual library items. You are responsible for paying replacement charges for any materials that are damaged while checked out on your library account.

Missing Parts – Library items that are returned with parts missing will either remain checked out to you until all the parts are returned, or a replacement fee will be charged to your account. The replacement fee will be waived if all parts are returned before billing, although late fees may still apply.

The Library assumes no liability for the use of audiovisual library items, including but not limited to CDs, DVDs, and videos or for the equipment on which these items are played.

If an audiovisual item that you have borrowed malfunctions or has sustained damage by the previous user, please notify a library staff member so it can be repaired or replaced.

Replacement fee for books and audiovisual materials that are lost or damaged beyond use (this includes all music CDs missing liner notes, booklets, or librettos) = Price of item + $8.00 processing fee

Fee for replaceable lost or damaged audiobook discs or tapes = $10.00 per tape/disc, plus $8.00 processing fee

Fee for periodicals that are lost or damaged beyond use = cover price

Damage fee for missing inserts or maps, markings, stains, etc. = $2.00 periodicals/$4.00 books

Fee for damaged or missing audiovisual cases, bags, or printed inserts = $3.00 per missing or damaged part

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