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All Things Apple! with Beryn Hammil

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April 6, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Online via Zoom video conferencing
Bonnie Groshong

If you are new to All Things Apple! and would like to attend class, please register by contacting Librarian, Bonnie Groshong at:  Instructor, Beryn Hammil, will then email you a welcome packet that include instructions for how to participate in the Zoom meeting. You must register in advance on Zoom each week for each class you want to attend. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing links to joining the meeting.

Class topics will be divided into Part 1 at 2pm and Part 2 at 4pm. Descriptions of each part are shown in the schedule below. You’re welcome to participate in any and all classes, and for some topics you’re encouraged to participate in both parts to maximize the learning experience of that subject.

Each topic will cover information for the Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

These class topics were put together based on input from students, and while some of these topics have been taught recently, there’s always something new to learn in each. The content of each topic description will be adhered to, but discussion is not limited to just what’s presented in this schedule as one thing often leads to another.

Doors for each class will open 15 minutes prior to that class starting and we will start on time. When the class capacity of 100 participants is reached in the live Zoom room, those who get “locked out” will be able to view the class by live streaming it on YouTube. This is called the “Balcony Section.” Those who are registered to participate by half past the hour prior to class starting will receive an email with the link to the live stream. It will be sent out within 15 minutes of the class starting. If you’re viewing the class from the balcony you will not be able to raise your hand to ask questions but can nonetheless learn something new.

At the end of each class participants can stay for a Q&A session about that or any other topic. Because many people leave at the formal end of class, those who are watching the class from the balcony section will be able to join the live after-class Q&A to have their questions answered.

A recap video of each class will be available so you can review material on YouTube, and you can build your own library of them, but you must participate in that class to access it. Instructions for how to do this are given in the orientation email you received with your welcome packet as well as in the email for the live stream Zoom link sent out before each class starts.

Pre-registration is a requisite for each class. Invitations to register are sent out each THURSDAY morning for all of the following week’s classes, and you must register for each class separately.

Time shown for all classes is Pacific Time; please adjust accordingly for where you are.

Starting this month classes will be held on Tuesdays only.

The newsletter will be sent to you on Mondays and the Invitation to Register on Thursdays.


2:00 PM – Security; Passwords & Keychain

Learn how to:

  • create an unique and easily retrievable password for each of your online accounts,
  • retrieve each password quickly,
  • use the Keychain function so each password automatically loads in each of your Apple devices next time you need it there.

4:00 PM – Organizing your devices + the “Files” app

Learn how to:

  • create and organize folders,
  • add items to those folders,
  • tag them with colors for easy sorting and accessing,
  • find everything easily,
  • access the folders and documents in your Apple computer from any mobile device using the “Files” app.


2:00 PM – The Camera

Learn how to:

  • use the various functions within the camera,
  • share photos that you’ve taken.

4:00 PM – The Photos app

Learn how to:

  • save and import photos into this app,
  • create albums to keep your photos well organized,
  • retrieve photos,
  • share your photos.


2:00 PM – Contacts 

Learn how to:

  • add and delete a person in your Contact app,
  • how to set up multiple email addresses, phone numbers and addresses for anyone,
  • use the app to reach that person by phone, email, text, FaceTime and WhatsApp,
  • share a contact card with someone else.

4:00 PM – Calendar

Learn how to;

  • add an event to your calendar,
  • be reminded about the event,
  • change the date of an event,
  • categorize and colorize the event by topic; i.e., social, business, medical, etc.


2:00 PM until ?

There will be only one class, starting at 2:00 PM (Pacific Time), and it will last for however long you want it to last.

Content of today’s class will be determined by whatever you want to learn and discuss.

You’ll learn how I find answers to some of your tougher questions and how I teach myself new things, not just on Apple’s website, but via other sites on the internet as well.

If you know in advance that you have a specific question, please email it to me no later than the day before the class so I can prepare the answer.



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