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Noe’s Garden Online

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March 27, 2020 @ 10:30 am – 11:15 am
Zoom video conference
San Rafael Public Library

Join us for a sing-along with Teacher Noe of Noe’s Garden (formerly Meadowlark Music Class).  Now you can experience our cozy, nature inspired class from the comfort of your own home! All you need to join us is a laptop, tablet or phone, and an internet connection.

Click here to join on Friday, March 27 at 10:20am:

ABOUT OUR CLASS: Noe’s Garden (formerly known as Meadowlark Music Class) is a nature – inspired music class for children aged 0 – 5 with caregivers, led by acclaimed indie singer-songwriter Noe Venable. We sing songs from around the world. Play along instruments, puppetry, and our magical Celtic harp make this an experience the whole family will enjoy.

HOW TO JOIN US: This sing-along starts at 10:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time. (West Coast time, USA.)  It lasts 40 minutes. We’ll be ready to receive you 10 minutes before class starts, so we can all get settled and say hello. 😊

HOW TO USE ZOOM: If you’ve already successfully used Zoom before on this device, the software will automatically open when you click the link. If you’ve never used Zoom before, you’ll first be prompted to download the software. This software is free, safe, and trusted by businesses around the world. (You’re in good hands!)

After the software downloads, it will take you to our meeting.

You’ll see a window with a green button to “Join Audio Conference by Computer.”

Click this button, and that’s it! You’re in!

You may see yourself on the screen too, depending on whether or not your video is turned on. You can change this setting by pressing the button in the lower left hand corner of the screen, the one marked with an icon of a video camera.

Then you’re good to go.


If you’re on time to our meeting, you’ll hear me explain the following when we start.

However, if you’re running late, and miss this intro, the following info may be helpful.

Zoom has two possible screen views. Speaker view shows me, the teacher. “Gallery view shows everyone attending, each in a little window. That’s where you’ll be able to see your child, and yourself. You can toggle between these views with a button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


I invite you and your child to participate however you can! If you have instruments at home, feel free to use them! In particular, I recommend having on hand

1) An egg shaker or shaker of your choice. (Spice jar works, too! Ideally plastic to minimize possible breakage. )

2) Something to wave. (A silk scarf, bandana, or even dish towel. Whatever you have on hand that you and your child can enjoy dancing around with.)

3) Something to bang. (A drum is great, but a pot with a wooden spoon works too!)

4) Your choice – Ukulele? Xylophone? There will be a point in the class where I invite you to play along with me, and that’s a great time to bring out whatever wild card instrument you might have lying around!

5) A lovey. There will be a moment where I put a doll to bed and sing a lullaby. Your child can rock their lovey to sleep along with me. 🙂

All of the instruments above are optional. You don’t need to have them to participate in class, but it’s fun if you do!


Wishing you and your family health and safety in this time, and I look forward to continuing to support your family with gentle, joyful music making!

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