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All Things Apple!

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January 5, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
San Rafael City Hall, Council Chambers
1400 5th Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901
Reference Desk


Our most popular program – happening almost every Thursday!
We meet in Council Chambers, San Rafael City Hall, 1400 5th Avenue next to San Rafael Public Library.

If you just got an iPhone, iPad, or Apple computer as a gift and want to learn howto use it or maximize its capability, then this series of classes are prefect for you. And it’s free! Beginner or intermediate, learn something new here.

Beryn’s classes are the perfect solution to give you the start you need and eventually take you beyond the basics, including how to protect yourself from online hackers, how to create safer passwords that are easy to remember, how to download and update software and apps, and much more.

All Things Apple is a series of classes for both beginner and intermediate Apple users. You’ll discover how to get the most out of your computer, iPhone and iPad by learning how to set up each device to suit your needs. Learn how to use your device to its best advantage to be more efficient and effective in your life, travels, work, and play by using the applications that come already installed in the device, as well as helpful third party apps.

In each of these classes you’ll learn how to navigate, customize, and function effectively with your device. Since the functionality of the iPhone and iPad are almost the same, coming to these classes will benefit you no matter which device you’re using.

Unless otherwise indicated, in  these classes we’ll discuss each topic as it applies to the iPhone, iPad and Apple computer, so no matter where your interest lies, we’ll cover it.

All of these are drop-in classes with no pre-requisite or commitment necessary. And, they’re free! Choose classes based on your interests and needs, or participate in the entire series; you’re sure to learn something new each week including information about tech related products that might benefit you. And, each week you’ll learn new “Tips & Tricks” that make using your device or computer easier.

In addition to the classes from 1-3 pm, Scroll below to read about the smaller TechZone Lab Class at 3:15 pm.

PARTICIPANT ENDORSEMENT: If you’re still in doubt as to whether these classes are for you, here’s part of what a 70+ year old, retired professional says about them: “I decided to give [this class] a try, and was pleasantly surprised. Ms. Hammil has a rare gift for explaining complex subjects. Moreover, she has a great sense of humor, a commodity I find in very short supply these days.”



1 – 2  iPhone & iPad BASICS – Learn how to navigate around your iPhone and/or iPad so you can customize it to suit your needs. Learn how to arrange the apps, find them easily, and organize them into folders.  You’ll get an overview of the apps that are already in your device and which ones work best for your needs. This same technique works for both devices., so whichever one you have, you’ll learn how to use it better.

2 -3  Mac & MacBook Air BASICS – learn how to set up your computer to suit your needs and working style. Learn an overview of the applications that are already in it, and how they can work for you.


1 – 2  TELEPHONE– It is called “iPhone,” after all, so let’s learn how to maximize the functions built into the telephone part of this multi-purpose device. You’ll also learn how to communicate using the iPad and computer as well.

2 –3  COMMUNICATE – Learn how to use your device and/or computer to communicate via FaceTime, Messages, and third party apps. This is especially useful when you travel and/or have family and friends in other parts of the country or world.


1 – 2  iCLOUD & THIRD PARTY APP ACQUISITION – Learn how to set up and sync your different devices, iPhone, iPad, and/or computer through iCloud, so the same information appears on all of them and a change on one becomes a change on the others too. Then learn how to acquire new apps and keep your software up to date with the App Store.

2 -3   EMAIL – Learn how to compose email group lists, share photos, events, contacts, and correspond with everyone by using email efficiently and effectively in your device and/or computer. Learn how to create custom signatures and stationery so your email stands out.


1 – 2   CONTACTS  – Keep your friends, family and other contacts well organized and up to date so you can find their information quickly. Learn how to set up and use “Groups” so staying in touch with specific groups of people is easier.

2 – 3  CALENDARS – When your calendars are up to date you’ll know when you need to be where. Learn how to set up color-coded calendars, alerts to poke you when necessary, how to share events with others, and how the MAPS function within the calendar app can help you get  to where you need to be.


1 – 2  CAMERA – Learn how to take good photos using the camera in your iPhone and/or iPad. There are lots of tips and tricks to help you be a better photographer, so you’re sure to learn something new in this class.

2 – 3  PHOTOS – Now that you’ve learned how to take a good picture, learn how to make it even better when you edit it in Apple’s Photo software in your computer, iPhone and/or iPad. You’ll also learn how to get photos from other sources into your computer or device.


1 – 2   SAFARI – learn how to search the internet, save articles to read later when you’re not on WiFi or broadband, and how to save a bookmark to find later on all your devices.  Learn how to organize your bookmarks with folders for easy retrieval later, and how to use “tabs.”

2 – 3   MAPS and TRAVEL TIPS – learn how to use your device to easily find your way, no matter which city you’re in. Learn which third party apps can help you when you travel, from planning your trip to where to stay, dine and be entertained. Students are encouraged to share their recommendations for travel related apps.

After a brief hiatus, All Things Apple will resume on Thursday, April 6th. The new schedule will post
sometime in January. 

One-on-One instruction in the library’s TechZone

Based on the enthusiastic response to the “All Things Apple!” classes, the library is making its computer lab available for individual instruction on iMac computers in the library’s TechZone.

This is a group session where each student sits in front of an iMac computer for instruction and hands-on guidance by Beryn Hammil, instructor of the “All Things Apple” classes. But because there are only three iMac computers, this class is limited to just three students at a time.

In this one hour session Beryn will help each student learn how to manage and navigate the basic functions of the software that is being focused on that day.

The Lab Class will take place each Thursday from 3:15 to 4:15 after the usual “All Things Apple!” classes: January 5, 12, 19, 26; February 2, 9; April 6, 13, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18, 25.

The first series of classes will focus on Apple’s Pages software and will repeat each week until everyone interested in participating has had their turn.

The prerequisites for participating in this group are that you have attended at least 5  “All Things Apple!” classes in the past and that you have a basic knowledge of how to navigate and function effectively on the iMac computer. You may only sign up for one one-on-one class, to give others a chance to attend.

Reservations: As space is limited, you must sign up prior to the date you wish to attend by calling the library at 415-485-3321 (or stopping by the reference desk) to reserve your space. If you need to reschedule or cancel please let us know in advance.

If you want to save your work from the session, please bring a thumb drive or SD card with USB adapter onto which it can be downloaded.

As this is a new program, it’s an experiment. Hopefully, you’ll learn something new and in the process, the library will learn what works best. Please bear with us; this is a work in progress. Our goal is to make this program better for you

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