San Rafael Public Library

Understanding Your Child’s Difficult Behaviors and How to Help 

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February 26, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Library meeting Room
1100 E St
San Rafael, CA 94901
Reference Desk

What are the real reasons your children are acting up, being defiant, shutting down, having tantrums?

These and other issues will be addressed in this presentation. In addition to gaining deeper insights into your children, you will learn how to get help for yourself so you can more fully enjoy your children and develop closer connections with your entire family. You will take away valuable tools to try immediately!

Our focus will include Infancy-Early Adolescence. Q & A to follow at the end of presentation.

Presenter, Sushila Hart holds degrees in Psychology, Early Childhood Education and is an Instructor for Hand in Hand Parenting In addition to this, she completed Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s (Child Psychologist) Intensives spanning infancy through adolescence. She has extensive experience working with children of all ages and is a parent Consultant/Mentor and leads Parenting Support Groups.

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